A Designer and his Art —


“Building is a science and requires art.” Our mantra, with has allowed the Titus Group to work with and build a portfolio with some of the most brilliant designers in the world…

Local Subs & Titus Group —

Engage Locally

Titus Group is well versed in utilizing local builders for intricate projects regardless of size…


Synergy & Determination

Collaboration & innovation are essential and makeup the core of our work. Titus Group continuously aims in delivering outstanding results for every client at unparalleled levels in the design build industry.

Beyond These Walls—

Inspiration Bursts

Houston TX based Titus Group, a real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction firm creates impressive, signature buildings by collaborating and maintaining transparency. “We work daily to coordinate interests of the clients to that of enterprise interest,” says CEO and founder Titus Williams.

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