Our Commitment

Titus Group is determined to be the leader in the industry for safety on the worksite. Every member of our team is required to follow standards and create a safe place to work and do business.  

Our Focus on Safety

Our electronic medical record (EMR) has come to an excellent .59. All other data listed from multiple different matrix's from our job-site proves that Titus Group is able to accomplish through healthy methods. We believe in constantly implementing safety methods and assisting health management systems to perform with minimal injuries and illness rates. Our yearly goal is to keep all rates as low as possible under the averages of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Safety management is one of the most important aspects to continue to excel and remain incident free while working on projects. Our safety programs help empower our personnel to work and return the next day with minimal stress of hazard on the job. We help to identify all at-risk behaviors, increase compliance's in safety, and continue to practice with the highest standards of safety practices and policies.

Safety is a 24/7 principal that we encourage to practice in and out of the workplace 

Titus Group advocates the importance of stretching specifically work stretches. It allows employees to maintain a high range of motion and proper flexibility. Stretches expand muscle tissues and help tendons recover from job fatigues. This allows for them to strengthen and become less prone to injuries, traumas or tears. Stretching is useful before all activities and at the beginning or end of shifts. 

  • We require a commitment from every employee that, “Job significance is not measured from safety standards"

    • All jobs are the same in the eyes of safety and every precaution should be applied.

  • We maintain a zero injury vision and take all proactive measures to achieve that.

  • All subcontractors are pre-qualified through a screening process and detailed safety review.

  • Every site has it’s own safety plan to address the specific risks of the projects.

  • Every employee, before working on the job-site is required to attend a Titus Group safety orientation.

  • We assure safety planning processes for all crews daily

  • Consistent communication and conscious processes in the occurrence of an incident

    • A safety alert and analysis on the root of the cause will be applied within 48 hours)

  • To create accountability for crews, we require a safety dashboard meeting to discern all levels of safety

  • We provide recognition to teams and personnel for achieving safety milestones and injury free days.

  • Safety inspections are documented and performed weekly examining all levels of the organization 

  • Highly experienced safety experts provide job-site safety coordination

  • We set training goals and provide continuous education on safety principals and standards

  • Substance abuse examinations are required for all employees

  • Eye Protection: Eye protection is required at all times. These must be ANSI Z87 approved. A face shield is also required with eye protection for grinding work, saw-cutting, and other jobs that involve floating particles.

  • Head Protection: Hard hats necessary PPE items and should be worn at all times. The only exceptions are when workers are in break areas or equipment cabs.

  • Hand Protection: Gloves are required PPE at all times. ANSI cut level A3 complies with our standards. The only exceptions for an employee wearing gloves is if they are performing tasks that physically can’t be done with gloves on. An example is twisting a small screw.

  • Fall Protection: When working on a task at 6’ or higher, 100% fall protection is required and training to use those items and tools.

  • Task Safety Analysis: Employees are required to complete and sign daily a task outline, with hazards and controls listed.

  • Safe Work Permitting & Inspections: Employees must be approved for How Work, to work in confined spaces, on roofs and high structures, and have permits for excavations. Inspections are required on equipment and aerial lifts prior to when they are used.

  • Lockout/Tagout Practices: Employees, when using tools that require energy sources, must verify that they are locked out then tagged out to prevent accidental injury.

Titus group follows the following principles to attain safety standards:

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