Our Story

Something About Us —

Titus group is a proudly full-service design-build company that provides services including architectural designs and creations, engineering developers and construction services that revolve around the client’s needs, aspirations and visions. Our services are delivered by a diverse group of people that focus on the highest of quality solutions with time and budgets in mind, while exceeding expectations of the client. 


Titus Group is set apart from the industry because of our focus on the continual education of our employees. As individuals and as a company, we advance from previous knowledge and past projects. Every project from start to finish has been a revolutionary multi-use asset. We deliver astounding solutions for the most complex of projects.


We proudly set progressive and effective standards for design and collaboration, construction safety and quality, and complete management for efficiency of resources and costs. Our team is determined to keep the ethic that “Building is a science and requires art.” A client that needs an efficient and educated, fast-track responsive team, turns to the Titus Group whether for commercial needs, institutional, industrial and residential.

Multitask to Completion 

The Titus Group Team strives to keep diversity through a collection of industries while maintaining communication for an established sense of focus on design-build ethics. With the base of many minds in sync, we are able to work and build anywhere. 

Every client deserves a team that is dedicated, thoroughly trained and understanding of the base fundamentals of what makes up your organization. The Titus Group understands the necessity of innovations to deliver and create impressive building solutions.

Our Group —

Success - Innovation - Teamwork

Our company does not follow a specific cookie-cut way of business. Each case has its own specific set of requirements that are followed firmly. Our company will never idly apply usual standards and say, “this is how it has always been done.”

We constantly focus on the needs of the customer and how to apply the newest technologies in a way that exceeds past and dated projects. Our innovative methods allow us to produce and excel with high-quality projects.

Our projects are woven as a quilt made with the finest pieces of innovation with our core values embroidered in the center. These values delegate The Titus Group. They are the foundation of our company and the source of our project’s success.

Perform in Hyperscale —


Data centers, which were first designed in the 1950s, have rapidly evolved into multiple forms of technologies. The computers we use every day were born from these centers! To set a perceptive scale of the progress, these past 30-ton machines in a space smaller than an 1,800 sq. ft. home have transformed into hyperscale capable, mega-sized centers (as big as 1.1 million sq. ft.). This data is delivered through small high performing devices such as laptops and personal computers.

Provide Through Technology —

Expertise - Innovation

Innovation is considered an exhibitor of paradox. It bears an immense pressure through the demands of invention, which is the cause of the usually rare attempts at ultimate success.

Our Generation, Our Work —

Best Practices Mean Safety

The Titus Group is knowledgeable of all the standards of safety, but also demonstrates avant-garde methods to avoid hazards while conserving energy, time and materials. Focusing on safety guarantees efficiency.

Heed Collaboration, Then Deliever —

Today's Value: The Golden Rule

All groups of people should treat as they wish to be treated. This rule extends beyond the team and translates into the relationships built throughout the design and build process.

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