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Titus Group uses a thoroughly integrated design and construction management approach. It allows for a diversified business unit team which helps our clients transcend above and beyond in all their markets. 
Our production features strategies towards projects that extend towards all education levels including healthcare, life and environmental science, and government projects. Titus Group parades it’s ability to work closely with clients and design groups for first-rate architectural bearings, budget and maintain allowance, apply and uphold schedule, and deliver extraordinary projects.

Project Areas

Titus Group goes beyond traditional methods of delivery. We have observed a demand for design-build groups and are now able to expand and advance efficiency and productivity. 

Diverse & Inclusive

Titus Group’s industrial experts are keen to perceiving necessities that go beyond the four walls of the facilities we design and develop. Within, there are people, technologies and a multitude of joint ambitions. 


Every client of ours has been apart of the production of innovative projects for various types of commercial buildings

It was necessary to modernize and recondition the construction industry with the concept of a full-service design-build company. It gives extreme value and allows for the creation of larger more complex projects.

There should be an interchange in creativity and design that allows for practical planning of timing and budgets.  The power of a single unified team operates and communicates well, resulting in a fully satisfied client with desires and dreams.

Residential & Hospitality

Titus Group portfolio includes residential establishments featuring high profile condos, contemporary lofts and historic renovations

Our team is made up of diverse groups of people with different skills and talents. We have a profound understanding with clients and families. Communication is key for the creation of something distinct and personalized. 

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